Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Linux Complete Training Course In Urdu | Free Tutorials

Hy Guys I Hope You are all fne. Today we are going to start a new computer course of an operating system. Named as Linux.The name of the Linux system by adding the initials of the two words is made. LINUS first word is the name of the founder of this system. The three initial letters of the word are selected LIN. UX Unix was an abbreviation of the word. LINUX is formed such word.
Linux is an open source movement, the nose can be proud of. It is also worth mentioning here that meets all the criteria of Linux PO SIX. But even this will not pay for the license fee copy of the GNU UNIX philosophy is not to replace it. GNU philosophy, whether it be furnished or not Unix. So If you want to learn this course. Lectures Are Given Below... Watch And Learn How to Use Linux

Tutorial 1

Tutorial 2

Tutorial 3

Tutorial 4

OK Guys I Hope you learn better and get very useful information about linux from here . If you face any Problem related this post Or related any Computer Software or if you need any computer course.
Then you can easily contact us by commenting below. i will perform your problem activity soon.
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